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Publicerat 27 mars 2017

For my first Blog entry I wanted to talk about positive relationships with students. There has been a growing trend towards positive psychology. I think in many ways the use of positive psychology is taking considerable momentum in a range of fields and education is one of many keen to capitalise.

The old African proverb it takes a whole village to raise a child is still true today, however, with growing regulations around working with children we can not let our children wonder around and seek out the educational experiences they desire so schools are more increasingly greater opportunities to provide a more holistic education.

Most schools offer comprehensive sporting, music and artistic programs that are not part of the curriculum. Teachers regularly give up their own time to take on coaching roles, support and direct artistic projects and even school camps. I encourage teachers to build meaningful relationships both within the classroom and beyond. Students experience a range of issues that have not been faced by previous generations. They need mentors and teachers who can connect with them and the easiest way to do this is to engage them in positive activities. This will take teachers and adults more than just being present but mindful of building connections and relationships that can enhance learning and invest in the pastoral well-being of students. Some young teachers do this exceptionally well but need to be aware of maintaining professional boundaries with students.

I believe in a theory called 'The power of positive doing' this was developed by an Australian sports and performance psychologist Dr Phil Jauncey and is about doing positive things. not positive thinking or talk but the process of actually doing positive activities is important. In particular in the teenage years there are many activities that students can engage in that can have a negative impact. One of the goals I have in working with students and i still have face to face contact in the classroom but is to help produce good citizens both for in and out of the school.

Different students will respond to different things. For some it will be investing in the sporting or artistic abilities but for others it might be by arranging trips to the hospital, nursing home, special school, cooking for the disadvantaged. The doing things for others is important and can often make students realise their own situations is not that bad. By doing positive things and investing in positive relationships can make a difference to some students. I know the bread and butter of teaching is curriculum but if you are looking for ways to invigorate your teaching or looking to add value to your practice I encourage you to invest in the young people in your care. I have seen some remarkable things from some students when we give them positive opportunities.

If you would like to share any ways you positively invest in students please let me know. Likewise if you would like to hear of some of the things i have done or we do at our College please let me know. I did not want to make this Blog about me or what I do so did not go into great detail. I look forward to hearing of your experiences, challenges, differences and successes.

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CJ Bradley

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Hello fellow Educators,

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